At last we'll get the law for democratic educatio!?/ 日本の多様法についてIDEC2015

I shared with IDEC people about the things happening in Japan. It is the movement making a law for democratic education. Since Japanese government defined education is the activities depend on the national curriculum, various discussions not only democratic education, but also Steiner, Montessori, Freinet, home education, Jena Plan, etc have been not recognized as education officially. The students who study at those places register at local state schools and they go to their officially not authorized schools instead of registered state schools. The government money for them go to registered schools. Sometimes these students and officially not recognized schools have some problems when they need some documents for their kids such as diploma and application for students transportation pass, etc. Then we have movement for many years to change this situation. At last, we are going to have the law by the end of August. Of course it is not decided. But Prime minister visited Tokyo Shure last September and he made the press meeting at Tokyo Shure and said Government need to support democratic education. He also said government need to support democratic education including financial support in the Prime Minister's policy speech at the beginning of the present Diet. Minister of education visited another democratic education. We have 70 MPs at the coalition to support democratic education. I talked about our movement and this situation. Many people from various places including Yaacov, Cecelia, Di, Chloe, Justo, Ana Yiris, Marco, Jeniffer and Taiwanese students, Tae, Reshef, Verena, Thomas and many other people gave me many ideas and opinions. These are good reference for our movement. We needed more time so just after the session we had another one. Thank you for friends there.


Nuestra Escuela from Pueruto Rico/ プエルトリコの「ノイストラ・エスキュエラ」 IDEC2015

Justo and Ana Yris began from the history of Nuestra Escuela. Thier beloved daughter, passed her way, named their school's name in Justo's dream. They also explained their four pillers of education emphasis: Learning to be, to know, to do and to live together. They also talked about their prospects of social changes in their city and Puerto Rico by democratic education.



iSkool in Shanghai /上海のiSkool IDEC2015

Ann from Shanghai, China made a presentation about her lerning cummunity with a father of a child at the centre. First the father expalined Chinese philosophy with explaing chinese characters meaning "middle", "heaven"and so on. Then Ann talked about her learning community.
The mission of iSkool is ""Encourage and support people to be lifelong seld-directed learners, to build healthy learning communities toward a new society in an information age", Ann said. We received her enegy for self-directed learning.

Yaacov's Keynote/ ヤコブさんの基調講演 IDEC2015

As always it is, Yaacov's speech is clear and cheerful. He explained the educational situation of the present world from historical point first. He clearly points out the problem of exsisting education. He proposed the student directed education with advanced technology and mutual cooperation of the learning people. He also has great sence of humour. So, he amused us a lot.

Sharing time with Humanity School/ 台湾・ヒューマニティースクール IDEC2015

Humanity School kids from Taiwan invited to their sharing time on the last morning of the conference. We had a nice conversation. They asked me what democratic education means in the 21st century? It was the first question. We also talked about parents understanding about democratic schools. Often relatives put huge pressure about their academic career even at democratic schools sometimes including parents. They have parents gathering once every another month. They are at Humanity school for long hours. The school is open from 9:30 till 21:00. They provide three meals a day. Fathers cook for them as volunteers.They love the tasy food.


Closing Ceremony/ 閉会式 IDEC2015

IDEC2015 was over. One of the organizers said three hundred people joined this IDEC from thirty counties. These four days are so condenced time. Basically we had one keynote and two opensessions in the morning. In the afternoon, we had another keynote and two opensessions. In the evening we have various performances including those of youth. All these sessions are 60 minutes including keynotes. Between opensessions, there wasn't break time. So, we tended to talk longer. Sorry for next sessions. Quite often the talks of the sessions were quite interesting. It was rather difficult to finish within 60 minutes. Sorry for the following sessions. It means we had very fruitful discussions.This picture is IDEC Guitar which is haded over from previous host to the next host.


Future IDECs 2017, '18 and '19/ 将来のIDEC開催国 IDEC2015

We had two IDEC meeting to talk about IDEC 2017, 2018 and 2019.
We confrimed IDEC 2018 will be in Nepal as we discussed at the previous IDEC2014 in Korea.
Justo sugested to host IDEC2017 in somewhere in South America. Today Justo poposed Keniyan school would host IDEC in 2017 or 2019. Reshef from IDE, Israel proposed to host IDEC in Israe in 2017. We discussed in two meeting. The conclusion is that we have IDEC2017 in Israel, 2018 in Nepal. The delegation of Kenya will be invited to FInish IDEC2016 and Israeli IDEC2017. We will talk about Kenyan IDEC in Finland because we though the particiaption of Kenian delegation was very important.


Taiwanese Drama/ 台湾の子どもたちの演劇 IDEC2015

A group of Taiwanese students played a drama which compared students lives at state schools with democratic schools.This picture is class in the state school. The scenery of teacher directed education is very familior to East Asian people. These students wrote scripts and brought together and one of them translated into English. They have prepared this drama since last November. Lator local college students show theaterical dance. It was also fantastic.


Tamariki School Meeting Session/ タマリキのミーティングのやり方 IDEC2015

Tamariki School in Christchurch, NZ had a session about school meeting. It was qute interesting. Yaacov made comment. "The way of school meeting at Tamariki is very unique. Each democratic school has own way of school meeting." At Tamariki, people do not write down passed rules. People had many conversation the reasons on this.


IDEC2015 Opening/ IDEC2015開会式

IDEC2015 has started today.
This year IDEC is in Nelson, New Zealand. Although Nelson is famous for its nice wether, it was too foggy and many flights dealyed or landed at near by airport yesterday. Today it was foggy in the morning. But when we had opening ceremony, it became sunny. We had a Maori welcoming ceremony at Marae. We made greeting with our noses. In this picture, each participant put the beautifully coloured stone on the dish and shape the spiral.


Tamariki School/ タマリキスクール: IDEC2015 3

Tamariki School is a wonderful democratic school in Christchurch, New Zealand. Children here enjoy child directed plays. The environments are great. Children and adults have made such environments whenever children want to do something it is warsy for them to do. I see some hats which are made by children in the green.


Christchurch クライストチャーチ2 追憶の橋: IDEC2015


 This year we will have IDEC in NZ. Before the conference I've come to Christchurch. Tamariki School hosted IDEC in 2002. It was wonderful time. In 2011, the big earthquake occurred here. It was just a month before, another big earthquake occurred in Japan. Still now constructing processes are going here and there in Christchurch. This is famous bridge, the bridge of Remembrance. It's under being repaired. One of the staff members of Tamariki school told me that he didn't want to go to the city centre because still now there were so many missed buildings and scenes.  


クライストチャーチ1: IDEC2015

I've come here in New Zealand to join IDEC. The venue is in Nelson. But before going to Nelson, I visited Christchurch. One month before the huge earthquake occrred in Japan 2011. Another huge earthquake occrred in Christchurch. Here and there in Christchurch, I can see buildings are lost. This is the part of the Cathedral of Christchurch. They haven't decided how this should be. I think a lot about the two earhquakes.